Permit No ACU 57639

This Welsh National Rally is a National Navigational Scatter Rally for qualified riders of mopeds, scooters, motorcycles and three-wheelers. It involves plotting a route through the mountains and valleys of Wales. It will require some navigational skills, mental dexterity and observational ability, but above all, it is designed to be an enjoyable event for all motorcycles, and three wheelers.
Supplementary Regulations.
1. Announcement:
The Clive Motorcycle Club will promote a ‘navigational scatter rally’, known as the Welsh National Rally on Saturday 2nd May 2020. It will be held under the following: The National Sporting Code of the ACU, Regulation 3(5) of the Motor Vehicles (Competitions and Trials) Regulations 1969, these Supplementary Regulations and any further instructions issued to riders. The event will be open to all qualified riders of mopeds, scooters, motorcycles and three-wheelers.
2. Rally Officials:
Clerk of the course: David James, Licence No. 48126 Assistant: Mike Kilvert, Licence No. 48163 Secretary of the Meeting: Mark Bennett mark@clivemcc.co.uk Route Planning: Charlie Samway, Andy Dockree Marshalls: Andy James, Colin Edwards 3. Detail:
Venue: Welshpool Livestock Market, Buttington Cross, Welshpool, SY21 8SR Date: Saturday 2nd May 2020 Start time: 07:30 Finish time: 23:00 Entry Fee: Rider/Driver £25, Passenger £10 Start /Finish Control open 7.00am to 11:30pm Manned Controls open 10.00 to 18.00.


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THE 2020 WELSH NATIONAL RALLY Welcome to the 2020 Welsh national Rally. The object of this rally is to complete various stages, collecting answers to clues on your travels. These answers decide the winners of various individual awards.
Note: It is your responsibility to ensure your machine complies with current Road Traffic Act Statutory legislation with regards to roadworthiness and insurance cover.
The Welsh National Rally is classed as a “navigational scatter rally”.
Insurance (The ACU Road Traffic Act insurance scheme for participants): Very important – You should check that your motorcycle insurance covers you for this event. Although this event is not a race and speed plays no part, some insurance companies refuse cover because you are taking part in a “rally”. You are therefore strongly advised to check with your insurer before taking part.
If your insurer cannot provide cover, we can help. The ACU will protect you against claims from third parties following accidents during the rally. It provides you with insurance cover as required by the Road Traffic Acts for the duration of the event. (Sign on time to sign off time.) However, PLEASE NOTE: this cover will not apply for provisional licence holders, therefore we can only accept entrants with a Full Licence for the registered vehicle.
The ACU have now provided a policy giving blanket coverage for riders with a Full Licence for third party RTA insurance for events which include the use of the public highway. This cover is automatically in place once the rider/passengers have signed on at the start of the event and is provided at no extra cost.
The clues will be issued at signing on/Start at WELSHPOOL LIVESTOCK MARKET, SY21 8SR The finish will be at WELSHPOOL LIVESTOCK MARKET, SY21 8SR
The event is open to all riders/drivers of moped, scooters, motorcycles, quads, motorcycle combinations and three wheeled vehicles. Competition licences are not required and ACU membership will be granted to all riders and passengers for the duration of the Welsh National Rally..
The entry fee is £25 per rider/driver. Passengers may be carried but will only qualify for an award if they are included on the entry form and an additional fee of £10 per passenger has been paid. Passengers must be a minimum age of 16 years.
The closing date for entries will be on Friday 17th April 2020. After the closing date, no refunds will be issued. Late entries may be accepted after the closing date, at the discretion of the Entry Secretary.
The following rules will apply: 1. There will be no performance tests on the public highway. 2. There will be no specific route. 3. Entrants will not be timed or required to visit the same place more than once. 4. No merit will be attached to completing the event with the lowest mileage in the shortest time.
Results will be published on the Clive MCC website (www.clivemcc.co.uk), as soon as possible after the event. Any protest against the results must be made (in writing) within 14 days of the results being available.

Awards Best Welsh Entrant
Entrants can achieve either Platinum or Gold to qualify for these awards. Highest award (Platinum/Gold) to decide class winner.
In the event of a tie, the Award will go to the machine with the smaller engine, followed by the older machine if the same engine size.
Classic Award (1965 – 1979 Machines) Vintage Award (Pre 1965 Machines) Best Entrant: Machine under 200cc Best 3-Wheeler
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Summary of Awards Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Manned Unmanned Manned Unmanned Manned Unmanned Manned Unmanned Dragon Award
Modern: 1980Present Day
1 5 2 8 3 12 3 15 Compulsory
Classic: 1965-1979 1 5 2 8 3 10 3 15 Optional
Vintage: Pre-1965 1 5 2 8 2 10 3 12 Optional

The Dragon Award
You can decide whether to go for this award on the day. This is an optional, additional award to all riders except those wishing to receive a Platinum, in which case it is compulsory. The theme this year is Religious Houses and riders must obtain clues from any 4 of the 9 nominated checkpoints.
Total number of checkpoints throughout Wales
Manned Unmanned Dragon Award 6 40 9
You will receive final instructions and full details of all controls approximately 2 weeks before the event. Your control card will be issued at the start before you sign on. Please remember your Rider Number which will be issued when your payment has been received and confirmed by the WNR Secretary.