The Summer Travellers Rest Rally 2019

Rules of the Rally and Instructions

This years summer rally is to look at the history of all forms of transport in Britain. It will incorporate roads, bridges, railways, airports shipping and any other form of transport we can find.

You are to visit as many of the places listed as you wish from the list between the

24th MARCH 2019 and 20th October 2019.

You are required take a photograph of the site visited and your machine displaying your personal control card as issued on visiting site. Also at least one photo, of your total submitted photographs must display the registration number of vehicle/s used for identification use. If you change your bike during the Rally then you must advise us as soon as possible of the change and the new bike must be photographed showing its registration number at least once

Points are awarded for the visit. The number of points awarded, depend upon location, ease of finding.

Awards are as outlined below,

Gold………………………..Top 10 highest scores
Silver…………………………….11 – 25 highest scores
Bronze …………………………..26 – 50 highest scores
Finishers Certificate…………All other finishers

All entrants will be sent the Rally Tee Shirt.

Please respect other people and other road users, DO NOT leave your vehicle running when visiting landmarks AND minimise noise when riding through villages to visit landmarks. Please be mindful of horses and their riders in rural areas particularly.

You are NOT required to take your vehicle onto private land etc.

To visit a landmark, you should use the public highways only and use recognised car parks and or safe stopping places only. Using anything other than the public highway may lead to DISQUALIFICATION and or the loss of all points collected to the date of the rule breaking.

We DO NOT wish to receive complaints from anyone re our participants. Participants who bring the reputation of the event into question WILL be dealt with by DISQUALIFICATION.

  1. a) Please see the note referring to changing your bike mid challenge above.
    b) If you cannot get your vehicle close enough to a landmark to get a photograph of both due to restrictions of vehicular access, walk to it and then take your photograph, you must include the control card. Then take a second photo of something else in the area showing your machine to confirm your visit with your vehicle during the duration of the rally. Both photos are required for full marks if you submit only one photo under these circumstances only half the available points will be awarded. The name boards at the place visited will be accepted with your entrant card and if it is accompanied with another showing your bike, entrant card and the place itself.
    c) If access to a landmark is only by paying an entrance fee and you don’t wish to pay it due to limited time or interest. You may take a suitable photo of an entrance sign etc but write a note on the photo or covering letter or a deduction of 25% to the allocated points will be applied.

(3) Similarly if you cannot find a landmark, due to closure, demolished, redevelopment (and it can happen) or it is just too elusive. Take a photograph of something else in the locality, which can be used to prove your visit, see suggestions above. If others have found the landmark then a deduction of 25% from the allocated points will be applied.

(4) If your visit was to a landmark that was closed e.g. arriving at 6.00 am thus preventing any access. Photograph a suitable sign at the landmark or something similar and explain why access was not gained on the back of the photo, a deduction of 25% will be applied.

(5) Please note black photographs taken at night that show no identifying detail are not acceptable, ensure you arrive in daylight.

(6) If you have difficulty in walking the distance to a landmark because of an injury or disability, please explain in a note attached to the claims form and note on the back of the photo to prevent a loss of points, failure to do this will result in the loss of all points for that landmark.

(7) If you happen to lose your control card, take your photos, but state where (if possible) and when you lost your card on the back of the photo (no loss of points will be incurred). A replacement card can be sent to you via email. As soon as you realise that your Control card has been lost then you must let us know. You may use a “home-made” version until it can be replaced with an official one, you will not be required to revisit the landmark.

(8) All photographs need to be titled with the name of the landmark in the picture along with the date it was taken. Photographs not marked this way will not be counted, missed date only will see a 25% loss of points.

(9) Please make sure you understand exactly what needs to be photographed, if you are in any doubt take and submit extra photos or ring our club phone for clarification.

Please note any person that publishes or allows to be published by any medium the current years landmark list, descriptions, location or photos of landmarks before the end of the rally, midnight on the 20th October 2019 will be liable to disqualification / exclusion from the Summer Travellers Rest Challenge.

The list of landmarks will be emailed out to entrants normally 2 weeks prior to the start of the rally which is the 24th March 2019.

All photographs and claim forms MUST BE RETURNED BY 20th OCTOBER 2019 to the organiser, for marking. You may start at any landmark and do as many or as few as you wish, also any number of machines or types may be used during the rally, but they must all be listed on the claims form and comply with all legal requirements for use on the public highway and at least one photograph at a landmark must show its registration number.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your machine is properly taxed, insured and where necessary MOT’d for use on the public highway. We, the organisers, accept NO responsibility for any fines/sanctions or action taken against any riders and or pillions – it is your bike – it is your responsibility.





Still fancy this and want to have a great summer of riding discovering our rich history as well then complete the application form at