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Challenge Rules


These will be daytime routes only.

The event is open to all Riders/Drivers of Mopeds, Scooters, Motor-cycles, Motor-cycle combinations.

The entry fee is £18 per Rider. Passengers may be carried but will only qualify for an award if they are included on the Entry Form and an additional fee of £10.00 per passenger/pillion has been paid.

Entry fees for all riders/passengers will only be refunded in event of cancellation being notified, in writing, before the closing date for entries.

On the day entries will be accepted for an entry fee of £23 per rider and £15 per pillion. The increase in price reflects that the awards will need to be posted out to the riders/pillions.

Anyone interested in riding as a team? Contact Rob or Helen on the Biker Rallies phone: 07565 504841

The closing date for entries will be the 20th May 2016.

Entries should be made on the Entry Form included with these Regulations and will be limited to 300 machines. Photocopies of the entry form are acceptable. Entries downloaded from the website are also acceptable.


The following basic rules will apply:

1. There will be no performance tests on the public highway.

2. There will be no specific route.

3. Entrants will not be timed or required to visit the same place more than once.

4. No merit will be attached to completing the event with the lowest mileage in the shortest time.

Any protest against the results of the event must be made (in writing) within 14 days of the results being available.


1. Entrants must sign in at Royal Oak, Swayfield, between 9.30am and 10.30am on Saturday the 4th June 2016 and visit number of check points as per the Challenge Category entered requires. Breakfasts, hot rolls and drinks are available at the start point, accommodation is also available here and if you do stay here then please let the reception know when booking that you will require an early breakfast as you are part of the Biker Rallies Challenge, breakfast can then be  and evening meals plus drinks at the finish up to 21:00 hours, these are at a separate cost and should be paid for by the individual/s.

2. Entrants must sign in at completion of the Challenge at Royal Oak, Swayfield. You will be classed as “not completed if you fail to do this and no award will be given. The finish point will be open from 17:00 – 22:00.

3. Entrants must gain answers/receipts from required number of the clues/receipt points noted on the map for the Challenge entered. This will entail you travelling to the points on the map to qualify for their Award.


You will receive final instructions, full details of all Controls together with your map of the chosen area approximately 2 weeks before the event. You will be expected to plan your own route and the mileages on the map will be used for calculating the final mileages.


It is your responsibility to ensure your machine conforms to current Road Traffic Act Statutory

Legislation and in regards to insurance cover.