Going with the flow

Enjoying the ride is everything

Admiring the view

Taking advantage of the sights as you ride is all part of the experience if a good rally


Fancy a dip?

It just keeps getting better and better, what will the next bend reveal


We can tell you that there are two events lined up for this year. The first is a summer long challenge called the “The Travellers Rest Rally”. This is celebrating the development of transport in this great country of ours, please see the page dedicated to this, it will run from the 24th March through until the 20th October, you can do as much or as little as you want on this event. Then there is our Annual Challenge, this year being held in Northumberland and the Borders of Scotland, on the 8th June 2019. This will be a full day rally of varying degrees of challenges from the Bronze to the new Platinum for those who like a real challenge and it is for all riders whether it is a motorbike, classic bike, scooter or trike, all are welcome.